A collection of research papers, Sofia, 2020
ISBN 978-619-90678-3-3

A collection of texts dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Sfumato Theatre Laboratory. It contains five research papers by the theatre researchers Kamelia Nikolova, Nikolay Iordanov, Anna Topaldzhikova, Veneta Doycheva, and Romeo Popiliev. They have had the privilege of seeing all performances of Sfumato Theatre Laboratory since its very establishment in 1989. The five different points of view of people engaged in critical reflection and theatre research reaffirm the importance of the Sfumato phenomenon and attempt to put it both into the context of the history of Bulgarian theatre and among the world theatre studies.

A publication of Antrakt Association and Homo Ludens Foundation.

How Does Theatre Change Today?

A collection of conference papers, Varna, 8 June 2018
ISBN: 978-619-90678-2-6

The collection contains texts structuring and extending the speeches delivered by the participants in the theoretical conference “How Does Theatre Change Today?” held within the framework of the 26th edition of Varna Summer International Theatre Festival. Its topic aims to provoke one to make sense of the complexity of contemporary theatre picture and to launch different views of theatre researchers, lecturers, PhD students, and students actively engaged in the field of theatre studies.

Edited by: Prof. Kamelia Nikolova, Prof. Nikolay Iordanov

A publication of Via Fest Foundation and Homo Ludens Foundation.

Dramaturgical Trends through the Lens of Varna Summer International Theatre Festival

A collection of conference papers, Varna, 8 June 2017
ISBN: 978-619-90678-1-9

The booklet contains papers and discussion transcript from the theoretical conference held within the framework of Varna Summer International Theatre Festival 2017. The cultural situation we are living in, and the very theatrical practice offer us a mosaic of different types of dramaturgies as well as all sorts of ways of unfolding them on stage. Today, the stage does not only utter, visualize or interpret the text for theatre but also becomes a generator of new dramaturgical ideas and approaches.

The publication is a joint initiative of Varna Summer International Theatre Festival and Homo Ludens Foundation.

“Theatre in Bulgaria 1989–2015”

ISBN 978-954-8594-61-5 / 978-619-90678-0-2

Prof. Nikolay Iordanov’s book “Theatre in Bulgaria 1989–2015” describes the development of contemporary Bulgarian theatre. The research is based on the drama and performance theory, on historical analysis and up-to-date critical reflection. At the same time it aims to stick to the empirics of theatrical facts and the archived memory for them. The artistic phenomena and individual artists are projected onto the socio-cultural dynamics of the preceding years. The conclusions and assessments are made in view of the specific situation and also of the processes in the European and world theatre.

The monograph is co-published by the Institute of Art Studies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Homo Ludens Foundation.

Theatre Practice in the First Decade of the 21st Century

A collection of conference papers, Varna 8 – 9 June 2011
ISBN 978-954-92913-1-5

The collection is the outcome of a conference held within the framework of Varna Summer International Theatre Festival 2011. It presents the points of view of Bulgarian theatre researchers and festival guests to the overall topic. The texts are grouped around three thematic fields: Bulgarian playwriting, performance strategies, theatre and audience.

NT Live – British National Theatre Live

Homo Ludens Foundation is the partner of the British Council – Bulgaria for the implementation of the NT Live – British National Theatre Live project

NT Live is an innovative project of the British National Theatre for direct live broadcasts of the best British performances from the London stage at cinemas throughout the United Kingdom and all over the world. Via a satellite broadcast the performances reach more than 1.5 million spectators in more than 700 cinemas.

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