Prof. Erika Fischer-Lichte is among the leading scholars in theatre and performance studies. For many years she was the head of the Institute of Theater Studies at Free University of Berlin, Germany. She has been the director of the International Research Center “Interweaving Performance Cultures” (Interweaving Performance Cultures) since its establishment at the same university in 2008. She has held visiting professorships in China, India, Japan, Russia, Norway and the USA.

Her wide-ranging work has significantly shaped the discipline of Theaterwissenschaft (Theatre and Performance Studies) in the past decades. Her foregrounding of the performance event and the interactions between performers and spectators emphasizes the transformative power performances can have over their participants. This forms the basis of her research regarding the aesthetics and politics of performances

Prof. Erika Fischer-Lichte has published more than 30 books and 300 essays in scientific periodicals, handbooks, etc., in the fields of aesthetics, theory of literature, and art and theatre, in particular on semiotics and performativity, theatre history and contemporary theatre. Her publications include “The Semiotics of Theatre” (1983), “History of European Drama and Theatre” (1990), “Theatre, Sacrifice, Ritual. Exploring Forms of Political Theatre” (2005), “The Transformative Power of Performance: A New Aesthetics” (2004), “Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies” (2009) and many others.

Prof. Erika Fischer-Lichte has been distinguished with many prizes for her work. Among them are the Berlin Science Award (2010), the German Theatre Prize THE FAUST (2011).


The talk is moderated by:

Angelina Georgieva (PhD) – theatrologist and lecturer of “Contemporary Dance and Performance” and “Theatre Journalism and Internet” at the National Academy of Theatre & Film Arts (NATFA). Editor-in-chief of “Dance Magazine ( Member of the editorial board of “Homo Ludens” journal. She has translated some of Prof. Erika Fischer-Lichte writings for “Homo Ludens” journal.

Assoc. Prof. Asen Terziev – theatrologist and lecturer of “History of European Theatre at the National Academy of Theatre & Film Arts (NATFA), theatre critic with over 150 publications. Author of two monographs: “Theatricality – The Language of Performance” (2012) and “The Drama and English Romanticism – Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley” (2019). Member of the editorial board of “Homo Ludens” journal.

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