A collection of research papers

A collection of texts dedicated to the 30th anniversary of “Sfumato” Theatre Laboratory. It contains five studies by theatre scholars Kamelia Nikolova, Nikolay Iordanov, Anna Topaldzhikova, Veneta Doytcheva and Romeo Popiliev. They have had the privilege of watching all the performances of the Theatre Laboratory since its inception in 1989. The five different perspectives of professionals engaged in critical reflection and theatre research confirm the importance of the Sfumato phenomenon and try to place it in the context of the history of Bulgarian theatre as well as among world theatre studies.


Prof. Kamelia Nikolova, Prof. Nikolay Iordanov, Prof. Anna Topaldzhikova, Prof. Veneta Doytcheva, Prof. Romeo Popiliev

Venelin Shurelov

SOFIA, 2020
ISBN 978-619-90678-3-3


Front cover: “The Black Fleece”, performance by Margarita Mladenova and Ivan Dobchev based on apocryphal Bulgarian texts, “Sfumato” Theatre Laboratory, 2000

The project is realized by Antract Association and Homo Ludens Foundation and is realized with the financial support of Sofia Culture Programme.

  • Kamelia Nikolova
    The “Sfumato” project and Bulgarian theatre in the last three decades
  • Nikolay Iordanov
    “Sfumato”, or the sadness of the cherry garden
  • Anna Topaldzhikova
    The idea of the performance in the theatre laboratory of Margarita Mladenova and Ivan Dobchev
  • Veneta Doytcheva
    The laboratory character of “Sfumato” Theatre
  • Romeo Popiliev
    Faith in the power of theatre, or “Sfumato” Theatre Laboratory
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