Marvin Carlson is a distinguished professor at the City University of New York and a theatre scholar of great achievement. He is the founder of the digital edition “European Stages” ( He is author of over 250 scholarly publications in the field of theatre history and theory and drama. His works have been translated into many languages. Much of his books are dedicated to the history of theatre, as: “The Theatre of the French Revolution” (1966), “Goethe and the Weimar Theatre” (1978), “The Italian Stage from Goldoni to D’Annunzio” (1981), “Voltaire and the Theatre of the Eighteenth Century” (1998). His two most popular and influential theoretical books are “Theories of the Theatre” (1984 and 1993 – expanded edition) and “Performance: a Critical Introduction” (1989). In these two studies Marvin Carlson traces the historical development of the understanding of theatre and performance from antiquity till our times.

Prof. Carlson is recipient of many awards: the ATHE Career Achievement Award, the George Jean Nathan Prize, the Barnard Hewitt prize, the Oscar G. Brockett Prize, a Guggenheim Fellowship and others.


The talk is moderated by:

Prof. DSc. Nikolay Iordanov – theatrologist, senior research fellow at the Institute for Art Studies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, and a part-time lecturer of “Performance Analysis” at the National Academy of Theatre & Film Arts (NATFA). Author of many articles on theatre history and theory and of three monographs:  “Bulgarian Dramaturgy – a View from the Periphery of the Text” (2002), “Theatres in Bulgaria between the World Wars” (2004), “Theatre in Bulgaria 1989-2015” (2016). Member of the editorial board of “Homo Ludens” journal.

Assoc. Prof. Asen Terziev – theatrologist and lecturer of “History of European Theatre at the National Academy of Theatre & Film Arts (NATFA), theatre critic with over 150 publications. Author of two monographs: “Theatricality – The Language of Performance” (2012) and “The Drama and English Romanticism – Wordsworth, Coleridge, Byron, Shelley” (2019). Member of the editorial board of “Homo Ludens” journal. He has translated some of Marvin Carlson’s writings for “Homo Ludens” journal.

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